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David Skarica: The Zero Interest Rate Bubble

In 1999 there was the tech bubble, then came the housing bubble. What will be next? David Skarica believes we are building up to the zero interest rate bubble…. Last week, Collin Kettell sat down with David at his house in the Bahamas to discuss the markets. David is sharply updated on what’s moving the global equity markets, and his insights are always highly valuable to us as investors.

Takeaways from this interview with David:

● Some of the popular mainstream stocks that are in bubble territory, and why “all parabolic curves collapse”

● The market in general, and what will lead to a stock market crash

● A short strategy that can turn $500 into millions of dollars

● The Japanese bond bubble, how it might turn into a black swan event

● What is likely to trigger a big move in gold, and what is signaling a bottom in the gold price and equities