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Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold & Silver – New Lows Within Weeks!

Is gold about to take a nosedive? This week, we had Jordan Roy-Byrne on the show. Jordan is a well-followed market technician and publisher of Jordan also posts a Weekly Market Update here at Palisade Radio, which has become very popular among subscribers. Our host, Collin Kettell sat down with Jordan and discussed some of the recent developments in the precious metals markets, along with outlook for 2015.

Take aways from this week’s interview with Jordan:

● Yields, real rates, and gold – what the connection?

● Inflation vs. Deflation – which side will win out?

● Last week, gold was just 1% away from reaching a new weekly low and Jordan predicts the drop will continue!

● Should you buy Majors or Juniors?

Jordan just published a book titled The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market and I definitely suggest you take a look. As promised, here is the link –

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